Recent awards received by the Center trainees & fellows

The following awards received by trainees and fellows affiliated with the Center highlight the breadth of the research and clinical opportunities the Center provides:

A doctoral trainee in clinical psychology in the SDSU / UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program, mentored by Dr. Ralph-Axel Müller, recently received the Autism Speaks Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellowship for her project entitled “Well-being in adolescents/young adults with autism transitioning to adulthood” (you can read about this project here).

Lisa Mash

Also a doctoral trainee in clinical psychology in the SDSU / UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program, was awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. This award, under Dr. Ralph-Axel Müller’s mentorship, will support Lisa’s doctoral research using multimodal imaging methods to study dynamic functional brain connectivity in autism. You can read more about Lisa’s work and progress here.

Elly Pueschel

Who at the time (summer 2017) was an undergraduate student at the Department of Psychology mentored by Dr. Inna Fishman, received the Autism Science Foundation (ASF) Undergraduate Summer Research Award, one of only six undergraduate students in the country to be awarded this competitive research fellowship that year. This award enabled Elly to work on testing the (very few) available pediatric brain templates (from typically-developing infants) as references for brain images of infants and toddlers at risk for developing autism (who are enrolled in Dr. Fishman’s Toddler MRI Project study). Today, Elly is a doctoral student in developmental psychology at University of Southern California (USC).