Clinical Services

Diagnosis & Clinical Assessment


The SDSU Center for Autism provides diagnostic assessments and evaluations for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, across the lifespan.  


We provide evaluations for toddlers, children, teens, and adults who have, or are thought to be at-risk for, an autism spectrum disorder. Depending on the age and referral question, our comprehensive assessments include diagnostic testing, evaluation of intellectual and neurocognitive functioning, and developmental evaluation 


Our team includes clinical psychologists and doctoral and postdoctoral trainees in clinical psychology and developmental neuropsychology. We are a teaching clinic and serve as a training site for multiple programs (e.g., for SDSU / UCSD Clinical Psychology doctoral students or postdoctoral trainees). We conduct a thorough review of systems to determine the need for consultation with our colleagues specializing in behavior analysis, school and educational psychology, speech–language pathology, psychiatry, neuroradiology, and many others.

For community providers who would like to refer clients to the SDSU Center for Autism for an evaluation,
please note that, currently, we do not accept insurance payments.